A New Type
of Fabric

Skyscrape's insulating fabrics literally change shape when temperatures change.

With this environmentally responsive insulating fabric inside, your jacket could be both thicker when it's cold and thinner when it's warm.


Skyscrape is working hands-on with the best brands to create a new type of environmentally responsive apparel.


With You

Inside, outside, day, and night, Skyscrape's fabric helps keep you comfortable in the wide range of conditions we all experience in our daily lives.

A morning or afternoon bicycle commute

Before and after sunset in the park

Walking to and riding the subway

Hiking as the fog rolls in

Traveling to new cities



Skyscrape's fabric is intelligent without wires and responsive without sensors. The structure of the yarns and fabric drive the lofting action of the insulating fabric.

As temperature changes, the yarns in the fabric expand and contract, causing it to bend, increasing or decreasing the thickness and insulation of the fabric. The fabric itself acts as a thermometer, with the thickness and insulation increasing in the cold and decreasing in warm weather.

Made By Us 

Skyscrape was born out of a vision to create clothing that could respond to its environment, to create clothing so thermally comfortable that it would impact how we heat and cool buildings.


Pursuing this ambitious idea required an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, designers, and weavers, all working together to design and build new machines and new processes. With funding from the United States Department of Energy and Y Combinator, Skyscrape was able to create the first temperature-responsive fabrics.


To move this invention from the laboratory to the factory, Skyscrape partners with a world-class brands that share the vision for environmentally responsive clothing.


Invented, Designed, and Made in America

Portland, OR

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